Warner Bros. Discovery, formerly 2 separate companies known as Warner Media and Discovery recently merged into the mega-company it is today. I work with the employer branding team and provide on-brand assets for them and other teams across the company. I have a broad range of responsibilities here, anything from creating posts for our social channels to designing templates for the use of other teams. Here are some of my favorite projects from WBD.  

Out of Office Holiday Post 2021

Out of Office Holiday Post 2022

One of my favorite campaigns I was part of at WBD was Lunar New Year 2022. This project was especially exciting because I was permitted to step (slightly) outside of the brand's usual look and style. I was able to create my own illustrations and experiment in ways I previously had been unable to. And according to the analytics summary- this campaign got a lot more interaction than most of the others.
Here is a mix of social posts, templates, and flyers I've made. 
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